Announcing Our New ZenDesk Integration

Do your employees use ZenDesk? If so, we’ve developed an exciting integration with this widely-respected customer support platform.

Now, your employees can clock in and out from NimbleSchedule straight through ZenDesk!

 Zendesk Integration with NimbleSchedule #1


By enabling our new application, your operators will be able to perform standard, daily NimbleSchedule actions from within their own ZenDesk accounts, including:

  • Clock in for shifts directly from Zendesk without having to leave the panel
  • At clock-out, employees can make use of any optional fields you have enabled, like comments/report, position and job code
  • Your staffers can also view their upcoming schedules directly from the Zendesk panel they work with every day

 Zendesk Integration with NimbleSchedule #2

Never hear, “sorry, I forgot to clock in” again. Our easy-to-use panel stands ready at all times within the ZenDesk system – so your employees can’t possibly miss it!

 Zendesk Integration with NimbleSchedule #3


It’s so easy… with a Zendesk subscription and enterprise-level NimbleSchedule service, you’re good to go!

How to install/connect

Here’s how to connect NimbleSchedule with your Zendesk account:

  • Sign in to Zendesk, then click on the Admin icon at the bottom of the left navigation bar
  • Select “Marketplace” from the Admin home menu
  • Search for "NimbleSchedule" and then click on the NimbleSchedule app icon
  • Click “Install App” in the upper-right of the page

Once enabled, your employees can start using this integration immediately. If you need any help with the setup process, reach out to our support team at  


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