Trax Payroll

We are happy to announce that integration with Trax Payroll has been implemented. This integration was done by the Trax Payroll team and needs to be configured from their end. We at NimbleSchedule are very pleased with this partnership which should allow our customers more options when it comes to use of various payroll systems.

As already mentioned, there is nothing to configure on our end for now regarding this new integration. All configurations need to be done from the Trax Payroll end, and here are a couple of screenshots and explanations on how to follow this procedure properly through your Trax Payroll account.

To Import Hours real-time from NimbleSchedule into Trax Payroll – Go to the Remote Link/Hours-Timecard tab and click Next for the Pay Group and Pay Schedule you want to load.

The hours will automatically upload and validate any errors for Hour Types and Job Codes and Employee Numbers.

If any Data needs to be mapped, you can edit the record or edit the Hour Type and/or Job Codes for mapping values or applying values already mapped that were not passed.

Once all data has been validated successfully, you are ready to finish the validated upload and then pull the hours into Payroll.

Hours are now ready to post to Step 1 of Payroll and apply to the Hour Type and Job Code for each employee through the click of the “Get Upload Hours” button.

As always, NimbleSchedule continues cooperating with other companies and bringing more features to our customers. We are happy with the effort Trax payroll team has put into this integration and we hope that our customers will benefit from this addition to the list of our partners.

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