NimbleSchedule continues working on partnering with other companies and businesses to make company management a lot easier for owners and managers of small, medium and big businesses. Through this article we will present a tool for the integration with another respectful payroll system: ADP.

The integration with ADP is pretty simple and the process of configuring and using it is straightforward. In order to configure this tool, you can navigate to Settings->Payroll settings option and configure just a couple of needed fields, as shown on the screenshot below.

Once you have this configuration set and saved, you can navigate to the Reports section and execute your payroll report, like you are already used to. You select a date range, locations and/or employees you wish to include, configure other optional parameters, and click Generate->Detailed.

As soon as you generate your detailed payroll report, you will notice some buttons in the top right corner, above that detailed payroll breakdown. One of those buttons is “Export to ADP”.

By clicking this button you will be asked to save that export file, which you can easily import to your ADP and run your employees’ payroll. It’s that simple.

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