Time clocking via QR Code scan

Besides a regular clocking in/out process via web browsers or by using smart phone apps, NimbleSchedule also offers a method of tracking employees’ time attendance via QR Code cards. The procedure is very simple and easy to use.

In case you decide to provide your employees with an iPad or an Android tablet mounted somewhere in your office through which they can clock in and out for their work hours, you can do so by using our Time Clock app. We currently support iPad and Android systems and you can see from these screenshots below how that process works.


In order to generate printable QR codes for your employees, you can navigate through your NimbleSchedule account to the Reports section and then to the Employees option where you should be able to select QR Codes from the drop down menu. These QR Codes can be exported to a printable view, which you can use to print out those clock-in cards for your employees.

All they need to do with those cards is to show their QR Code in front of the tablet’s camera and press the “Clock-In” button on the screen. The same procedure goes while clocking out.

Time Clock app on iTunes

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