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To start using the service, please type in your username and password.The first screen you will see when you start NimbleSchedule Android application will be a login screen.

Pressing on LOG IN button will allow you to proceed into the app. Username and password that you had typed in will be saved and used when you will open the app next time.

To clear saved username and password please use Logout button in the application menu.



Schedule screen is the main screen of the application.

It allows you to browse through scheduled shifts, create new shifts and edit existing once, check shift details and pick an open shift.

On the top bar of the screen you will find:

  • Title of the current screen – Schedule
  • Name of the currently selected location (eg. ADLINA’S CAFÉ)
  • Location picker button
  • Add new shift button

2nd bar shows 3 tabs that are available for a Manager (2 or even 1 tab for a regular user):

  • My Schedule – allows to browse your personal schedule
  • Everyone – allows to browse everyone’s schedule (if Company settings allow that)
  • Open shifts – list of available open shifts

On the 3rd bar you will find filtering settings which allow you to limit the range of shifts displayed.



Location Picker allows to pick a current location. Be careful and don’t forget to pick a proper location before you browse shifts.



Time range spinner allows picking one of the following values: Date, Week, Month. It allows selecting the time range for displayed shifts.



calendar.png Calendar button  lets you select a date that you want to see a schedule for. 

1.png Today, Previous and Next  let you go through calendar dates, moving by the currently selected Period.

For example, if current value for time range spinner is Week, pressing on Today button will display a current week, that is the week  that has current day in it and starts on the day set in “Day of the week to begin schedule” in Company settings. Previous and Next button in this case will move one week backward and forward.


Schedules list starts with a grey row, where the currently set time range is displayed.



Schedule list itself consists of 2 types of rows.

  1. Date row – groups shifts by day showing the date for each group
  2. Shift row – stores a simple description of the shifts, consisting of:
    • Shift time range
    • Department – Position – Employee First and Last name
    • Shift description

My Schedule and Everyone tabs a pretty straightforward – they display either shifts for the current employee, or everyone’s shifts. Everyone tab can be missing if Company settings prevent users to browse Everyone’s schedule.

As for the Open Shifts tab – its main purpose is to display available open shifts and allow employees to pick one.

For the regular employee, Open Shifts tab will display only those Open Shifts that are available for pickup – matching by location, position and availability.

As for the manager – on the Open Shifts screen he will be able to see a list of all Open Shifts present, allowing to pick any of them and assign employee manually (see Open Shift Details screen documentation for details).

Drag or swipe shifts list with your finger to scroll down or up through the list.

Pressing on the shift row will open a new screen that will display information about the shift in more details.


Create New Shift

Let’s create a new shift. To do that please press on a Create New Shift button in the top-right of the screen. Note, that his functionality may not be available to you due to Company settings.

New Shift screen will open, allowing you to set time range, position, location and pick an employee for the new shift.

Shift Label field is optional and can be used to add some custom description to the shift. 



To the right of Shift Label you will see a Color Picker. Press on it to see a color picker dialog and select a color for your shift.

From and To fields are required and describe that exact time new shift will start and end at. Please press on corresponding buttons to open dialogs and select proper time.

Time for the shift shouldn’t be before the current time, and To time should be greater than From time.

03_NewShift_02_ColorPicker.png  03_NewShift_03_FromDate.png  03_NewShift_04_FromTime.png


Pressing on Location spinner will display a list of available locations. List of employees depends on what location is currently select, so after you change a location list of employees will be updated accordingly.

Pressing on Employee spinner will display a list of employees that work in the currently selected location. Each employee has a unique set of positions for this location, so changing an employee will update set of available positions.

Positions spinner shows a list of positions, available for selected employee in the current location.

03_NewShift_05_locations.png  03_NewShift_06_employees.png  03_NewShift_07_positions.png


The Repeat button allows to set repeating settings for a new shift. 

Shift can be repeated:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Every weekday (Mon-Fri)
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Every X Days

Picking Every X Days option lets you to input number of days for repetition. The end of shift repetition can be set either after N occurrences or on exact date.

03_NewShift_08_repeat_01.png  03_NewShift_09_repeat_02.png  03_NewShift_10_repeat_03.png


To create open shift please check Open Shift checkbox.

It will display a set of additional options, available for Open Shifts, and also hide Employee spinner.


Auto Assign checkbox allows to automatically assign a newly created Open Shift.

Number Of Employees basically allows to create multiple identical Open Shifts, so that they will be available for N number of employees at once.


After all required fields for a new shift are filled in, pressing on DONE button will create a new shift, while CANCEL button will return you back to the previous screen, discarding all changes.


To sum it up, here is the cheat-sheet for new shift creation.

To create a new Shift:

  1. Press on Create New Shift Button, allow new screen to load all of the data
  2. Write an options Shift Label text
  3. Pick a new Color for a shift
  4. Set From and To ranges to point when new shift will start and when will it end
  5. Pick a Location, let app to load a list of employees
  6. Select an Employee that will be assigned to a newly created shift
  7. Pick employees Position.
  8. Set options Repeat settings.
  9. Write optional Notes for the new Shift.
  10. Press on DONE button and wait for shift to create.

To create a new Open Shift:

  1. Press on Create New Shift Button, allow new screen to load all of the data
  2. Write an options Shift Label text
  3. Pick a new Color for a shift
  4. Set From and To ranges to point when new shift will start and when will it end
  5. Pick a Location, let app to load a list of employees
  6. Check Open Shift checkbox.
  7. Set Auto Assign option if required.
  8. Set Number of Employees option if necessary (default value is 1).
  9. Pick Position for a new Open Shift.
  10. Set options Repeat settings.
  11. Write optional Notes for the new Shift.
  12. Press on DONE button and wait for shift to create.

Now let’s see how existing shift details look like. To do that just click on any row in the Shifts list.


The purpose of this screen is to display all shift settings. On the top you can see Shift Color and Shift Label. Then goes From and To shift time settings, Employee assigned to the shift, Location, Position, Department (if present) and Notes.

Manager will also see two options in the top-right corner of the top bar.

  • First option allows to Edit this shift, bringing up the same screen as for new shift creation, but allowing to change existing settings.
  • Second option allows to Delete this shift.


Main Menu

Time to talk about Main Menu of the application. Main Menu is accessible either by swiping from left to the right, or by pressing Arrow button in the top-left corner of the screen.


On the top of the Main Menu currently logged in employee Name is displayed.

Next goes list of available application screens (Note: some of the options are still under development thus not accessible and grayed out)

  • Schedules – this is the main schedules screen
  • Availability – availability settings (not yet available)
  • Requests – requests screen, allows to check, approve and reject Trade, Drop, Open Shift and Time-Off requests
  • Inbox – application inbox and messaging (not yet available)
  • Employees – list of employees
  • My Account – personal settings
  • Settings – application settings
  • TimeOff – time off requests creation screen
  • Time clock - Time clock feature for employees
  • Logout – logs current user out of the application


First let’s stop on Employees screen. (NOTE: this option may be disalbed in Company settings)

Employees screen displays a list of employess.

Clicking on a Search button allows to type search query, that automatically filteres displayed employees list.

Employees are grouped by first letters of FirstName. Click on any employee row brings employee details screen, where you can see employee FirstName, LastName, Phone, Email and list of Locations and Positions

06_Employees_01_List.png  06_Employees_02_Search.png  06_Employees_03_EmployeeDetails.png


Editing employee details and creating new employees isn’t available at the moment.

But employees list screen can also serve a different purpose.

It can allow to pick employees for assignment. To display this functionality let’s assign an open shift for employee.

As a Manager, go to the Open Shifts tab on Schedule screen and open any open shift.

This screen displays same information as any other shift details screen, with one exception.

A button to Assign Employee becomes available for a Manager.

A button Pickup Shift becomes available for a regular employee. Pickup Shift button sends an open shift pickup request for a manager.

Pressing on Assign Employee button opens Employees List screen, allowing to pick one employee. Pressing on DONE button assigns open shift to selected employee.

07_ShiftDetails_01_AssignEmployee.png  07_ShiftDetails_02_PickupShift.png  06_Employees_04_AssignEmployee.png


Shift trading and dropping

Shifts can be traded or dropped. To Trade or Drop shift open Shift Details screen and select Trade/Drop Shift option form the overflow menu in the top-right corner of the screen (if you use an Android 2.3 device this menu is accessible by pressing on device Menu button).

To Drop a shift select Drop this shift option. On the newly opened screen type in the optional Reason for shift dropping and press on DONE button. A request will be sent to a manager for drop approval.

To Trade a shift select Trade this shift option. In the newly opened screen type in the optional Reason for shift trading and pick at least one shift you want to trade to from the list of trade suggestions. After pressing DONE button Trade requests will be sent to other employees to confirm the trade.

07_ShiftDetails_03_TradeDrop.png  07_ShiftDetails_04_Trade.png  07_ShiftDetails_05_Drop.png



Requests screen structure is similar to Schedules list.


In the top-right corner you will find a spinner, allowing to select between different request types: Trade, Drop, Open Shift and Time-off.

Two tabs a present.

Requests tab displays outgoing requests – requests that were sent by you.

Awaiting my approval tab displays requests that require approval. If you are a Manager, you will have this tab present for all types of requests. If you are a regular employee, this tab will be available only for Trade type of requests.

Request details screen shows some additional information about requests. For example, for Trade request you will see Employee who initiated the request, Shift that you will drop during trading, Shift that was offered as a trade and trade Reasons.

Pressing on REJECT button rejects the request, while APPROVE button approves it.

Cancel Request button present for outgoing requests and allows to cancel request.

08_Requests_02_RequestTypes.png  08_Requests_03_RequestDetailsCancel.png  08_Requests_03_RequestDetails_Trade.png



To open TimeOff request screen select TimeOff option from the Main Menu.


TimeOff screen allows to create a new TimeOff request, that will be sent to Manager for approval.

To create a new TimeOff you need to select time range using From and To fields, and fill in a required Reason field.

You can also pick between All day time off and Part of the day timeoff. In case of Part of the day you will be able to pick not only dates, but also a time for the range of TimeOff.

Press on DONE button to create a new TimeOff request.


Time Clock

The Android app has the timeclock feature built in as well but this is only enabled if the GPS is turned on. The timeclock feature requires access to the GPS on the phone so the user has to grant this permission otherwise the timeclock will not work.

The timeclock feature is visible on the main menu if your admin has allowed employees to use time clock on mobile app (this setting is under Timeclock settings)

The app needs access to the user's location in order to work, if this is disabled, the time clock will be disabled as well

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