NimbleSchedule application provides another awesome solution for you to choose from as a tool to transfer employees’ worked hours (clocked time) to your Gusto account.


Here's how the payroll integration works:


1.     You set up your account and start tracking time worked .

2.     Set up Gusto (formerly known as Zenpayroll) integration by going to My Account in the menu at the top of the page, then click Applications, then select Gusto (Note: This menu is available only to the account Admin).



3.     You will be asked for your Gusto username and password on the Gusto system - go ahead and enter this data to link your accounts.  It's safe to do so, the username/password is never shared with our partner.


4.     Follow the prompts to set up the integration.

6.     Once connected you will need to link the employee's names from within NimbleSchedule to their legal names within Gusto. Click on the Gusto icon from the Application settings page once more to bring up a new page listing your employees.

7.     You will click "Link" next to each employee. Select the employee's name from the pop-up list. Once selected you will see the employee's Gusto ID number shown in the row. Repeat this step for all employees. (Salaried employees not paid based on hours worked may not need to be linked)

8.     When you're ready to run payroll, click on Reports in the top bar and then click on Payroll.


9.     Select the payroll dates (must match Gusto's pay period) and then click on Export to Gusto.

10.     Once the export is completed you will be shown a detailed payroll report for your reference.  

11.     The hours will show up in Gusto as pre-populated hours for each employee in the specific pay period submitted.

12.     You run payroll as usual, adding in the remaining compensation items (e.g. bonuses, tips, etc) and clicking "Submit".

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