Bamboo HR

NimbleSchedule application provides another awesome solution for you to choose from as a tool to transfer employees’ data and their approved time off requests from your BambooHR account.


Here's how to do so (Note: this is available only to Admin):

1.     Click on the MyAccount link.

2.     Click on the Applications.



3.     Click the Bamboohr link in the BambooHR box



4.     Enter in your subdomain and API Secret Key (both found in your BambooHR account)


From this page you can also select what data you want to import from BambooHr to NimbleSchedule:

  • Synch approved time off requests - if this option is enabled, approved time off requests in BambooHR are imported into NimbleSchedule
  • Synch employee data - if this option is enabled, employees data is imported into NimbleSchedule
  • Exclude employee pay rates - if this option is enabled, the employee pay information is not imported into NimbleSchedule
  • Restrict by departments -When this option is selected press Submit to be shown a full list of departments to choose from, only employees from selected departments from BambooHR account are imported
  • Restrict by position - When this option is selected press Submit to be shown a full list of positions to choose from, only employees with the selected positions within BambooHR are imported


5.     Click Submit.


NimbleSchedule imports the following employee data from BambooHR- address, mobile phone, positions and approved time off requests.






Note: When an employee is 'terminated' in BambooHR, he becomes 'terminated' in NimbleSchedule too.


Requirements for successful data import from BambooHR account:

A. For existing employees in Nimbleschedule:

1. Employee ID and employee names have to be the same in both applications.



2. NimbleSchedule imports employees’ data only if the respective employee is assigned on at least one position in BambooHR.



B. For non-existing employees in Nimbleschedule:

1. NimbleSchedule imports employee data only if the respective employee is assigned to at least one position in BambooHR account.


In both cases, if employee’s location, department or positions do not exist in NimbleSchedule account, they are automatically created in NimbleSchedule. 


How do I generate an API key from BambooHR?

In order to generate an API Key, log into BambooHR, and click on the link at the very top of the page where it says, "Hi, Username".  This will then give you a drop-down where you can select API Keys and then create one.  
In the next couple of weeks, the header design will be changing a little bit and instead of clicking on the "Hi, Username" link, you will just want to click on the thumbnail photo icon of yourself which will be in the far, upper, right-hand corner of the page .


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