Employee's Availability

NimbleSchedule allows you to set your unavailability for specific dates in the future that may be different from your regular weekly unavailability (if the respective setting "Employees can set weekly availability" is enabled by the account admin). 

To set your future availability simply go to My Schedule (under Schedules tab):



Click on the day and time when you want to set your unavailability. A dialog window will open and you can choose the time range and if you want, you can add a subject.



When you save, the unavailable time range will be added to your schedule:



You are able also to edit / delete already added unavailable period by clicking on it.



You can use also repeating options for setting unavailability:





Your future unavailability is visible and on Everyone's Schedule:



N.B. 1. You cannot set your unavailability for past dates

         2. You cannot set unavailability for a time when you are assigned to shift.

         3. Your manager may decide to assign you on a shift for a time range when you have set future unavailability.  In this case you can send your managers a Time Off request.

         4. If you are not able to set future unavailability on My Schedule, this is because of the reason that your management has not allowed their employees to be able to set their availability. You can access/set your availability only if your management allows you. 


For help in setting your weekly unavailability, see p.4 on My Profile article.

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