Staff Setup Guide

1.  Access to NimbleSchedule

In order to access NimbleSchedule your manager has to grant you access to the application. After he has registered you as an employee in the application, he will send you a Welcome email.

Click on the link provided in your welcome email to create a password for your account:




After you set your password, you will be redirected to login page. To login, please use the user name, sent in the Welcome email and your password.



2.  Enter Your Default Availability

Go to Availability Preferences in your profile and set your normal weekly unavailability. To set your unavailability just drag and drop the time range or click at the starting point of the desired time to enter manually the time.


3.  Set Notification Preferences

Go to Notification Preferences and set Email and SMS notification preferences for schedule updates, requests and announcements.



4.  View the Schedule

You can view the schedule by going to My Schedule page where you can view your shifts.



5.  Send Shift Requests

From My Schedule page you can send requests for picking up open shifts, to trade/drop shifts or to ask a co-worker for a replacement.



6.  Create Time-Off Requests

To create a time-off request, please click on Request Time-Off button on Requests page, add desired period and send the request to manager:



Congratulations! You’ve successfully joined NimbleSchedule. Browse our Knowledge base to learn NimbleSchedule inside and out.

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