Schedule and Shift Requests

To view your schedule, simply click on the Schedules tab:

The main subsection under the Schedules area is My Schedule. Employees can view the other subsection “Everyone's Schedules” only if the admin has allowed them to.



1.     Open Shifts - If you are not assigned for some date, but you are able to work, you can check if there are any open shifts by clicking on Open Shifts button. If there are any, you can pick the desired shift and it will appear on your schedule:





2.     Trade shifts – If you want to trade a shift with a coworker, click on the shift you would like to trade and select option Trade this shift:



Then you can select the shifts you want to trade with and submit your request. 

N.B. Have in mind that your co-worker and your manager must approve this shift trade request. They may reject it for some reason.



3.     Drop shifts - If you want to drop a shift, click on the shift you would like to drop and select option Drop this shift:



A dialog box will open where you have to fill out the reason for dropping the shift and to submit your request.



4.     Find replacement - if you need to find coverage for a whole shift or part of shift, select option Find replacement

N.B. If you don't see this option on My Schedule, please ask the administrator of your company's account to enable it.

When select "Find replacement" a dialog box will open where you have to select  if you need to find coverage for a whole / part shift and to select a co-worker who you would like to replace you. Then you submit your request.





After you submit the request, your co-worker has to accept it and to pick-up the shift (on My Requests - Shifts Available for Pick-Up page).




N.B. your manager has to approve your requests (or he may reject them).


To view your shift requests, go to the "Requests" tab. There you can see your shift requests and their respective status (Pending, Approved or Rejected).


For more help about requests, please click here.

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