My Profile

If you want to view or update your personal information you have to go to your profile page by clicking on your name on the upper right side:



The options on the left side allow you to choose which aspect you want to view:


1.     Profile or personal data (including Username and Password) – 

Here you can update your login details, Name, Email, Address and Mobile.You are able to upload a profile picture by clicking on the hyperlink “Upload a photo”. You can change it or delete it at any time.



2.     Positions– In Positions section you can see your position, location and department. You can be assigned to more than one location and to one or more positions.



3.     Scheduling – In this section you can see what maximum weekly working time is set by your manager.



4.     Availability Preferences - In this section you can set your normal weekly unavailability (if the respective setting "Employees can set weekly availability" is set on by the admin).

To set your unavailability just drag and drop the time range or click at the starting point of the desired time to enter manually the time.



When it is needed, you can delete current time ranges by clicking on the delete icon in the upper right of the time range.


For help in setting your unavailability for specific dates in the future, click here.

5.     Notification Preferences - In this section you may set Email and SMS notification preferences for schedule updates, requests and announcements.



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