Setting Time Clock Locations

Clock Locations settings allow you as an admin to setup individual locations that can be used for restricting from where employees can clock in/out. To do this, simply go to Settings è Clock Locations and click on Add Clock Location button:



NimbleSchedule provides several options for setting clock location - IP address range, phone and individual computer(s).

1.       Clock Locations can be setup using an IP address range:



2.       A Clock Location can also be set to this computer:



3.       A Clock Location can also be set to a Phone:


N.B. If you set a clock location as “dedicated”, the employees won't see any other view apart from the clock in/out screen when they log into NimbleSchedule.


After you add a clock location, you are redirected to the list with all added clock locations:


For more help about clock in/out, please click here.

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