Using Time Clock

 1.       Employee’s Time Clock

  • Through the application:

All employees must use the Time Clock feature. It allows them to clock the time they spend on work. When they start working they have to start the clock with one click on “Clock-in” button. 



When they stop working, they have respectively to stop the clock (click on “Clock-Out”) and the corresponding time interval is recorded. 

If the employee has worked on specific task, he has to select and the respective Job Code.


Employees can see their timesheets for a period on tab My Timesheet

The manager has to approve employees’ clocked time. When they do it, the small ticks near the calendar change their color from grey to green:



  • Via SMS

Our time clocking system allow every employee to clock in and out from where ever they happen to be working.

The admin has to enable this SMS add-in feature under his price plan


and under the time clocking settings to enable the option to allow employees to clock in via SMS:



The number to send messages to is +1 858-239-0173

To clock in, the employee has to send a message like this:  "in 1234"  (where 1234 is the employee ID)

To clock out the message is: "out 1234"

Please see the screen shot below for an example:


 PLEASE NOTE: In order for this feature to work, employees will need to send text messages from the same mobile number listed on their profile.

  • Via Phone

Employees will use the same number for SMS. When the phone clock in feature is enabled, the system will assign each employee a phone PIN number. (visible on the employee profile).


When they call the number, they will be prompted to enter their PIN number then then they can clock in or out.


    • Through Mobile Application:

Employees can clock in/out from their personal phones using our apps for iPhone and Android devices for free.

Please enable the "Allow employees to clock in from mobile device" option on the Time Clock Settings.



2.       Managing Time Clock

Managers have three additional tabs in Time Clock menu:

  • Add Clock Time – here managers can manually track employee time



  • Timesheet – on this page managers can view and approve/edit/delete employees’ timesheets


Managers can use an extra filter for Approved / Not approved timeclock records.

  • when "Hide approved punches" is checked - on Timesheet table are displayed only NOT approved timeclock
  • when "Hide approved punches" is not checked - on Timesheet table are displayed only All timeclock records


NimbleSchedule provides another useful feature for importing the scheduled hours to the timesheet. 

When manager clicks on "Import from schedule" button, the information from the schedule for the selected date range will be imported on the Timesheet page.


  • My Timesheet - Managers also can see their timesheets for a period on tab My Timesheet.


  • Job Codes - On this tab managers can add, edit or delete job codes. Job codes allow employees to track their time to different categories.

Example job codes might be "Customer Care" or "Accounting", or any situation where a single employee works on various tasks and needs to be able to track time per task. 

Using Job codes makes it easy for managers to see how much time employees spent working for each task during the month.


In order employees to be able to select a job code when clock out, Job codes should be enabled in Time Clock settings:



  • Payroll Report - This link redirects to Payroll report. For more information about Payroll report click here.


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