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Using NimbleSchedule, requests for shift trades, shift drops and pick-ups, and for time-off can be made by the employee directly from the user interface. The employee can view his own requests in the Requests section.
Note that managers and admin can see their own requests under tab Requests – My Requests.



Employee requests can be classified into six types: 

1.     Shifts I am Trading. This page (see initial screenshot above) shows your shift trade requests and whether the requests have been approved, rejected, or is pending for approval.


2.     Shifts I am Dropping. The page shows your requests to drop shifts.


3.     Shifts Available for Pick-Up. The page shows availability of shifts for pick-up. These can be open shifts or shifts that have been dropped by another employee.



4.     Time-Off. From this page you can see the status of your requested time-off, the duration of the leave and inclusive dates.



For submitting a personal time-off request, click on Request Time-Off button:


After applying your time-off request, the manager may approve or reject it. You can cancel your pending requests at any time.

5. Shifts I asked to Replace - Here you will see the status of any shifts you had asked another employee to replace you on. 


6. Shift Change Requests - Here you will see the status of any shifts that you have been requested changed or added to your schedule. Once approved they will be visible on your schedule.

7. Request Shift Add- Here you will be able to request a new shift be added to the schedule for you. 

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