Managing Employee Requests

 Using NimbleSchedule, requests for shift trades, shift drops and pick-ups, and for time-off can be made by the employee directly from the user interface. All these requests, to be approved or disapproved by management, can be viewed by the Schedule Administrator in the Requests section.



Note that you will find two tabs under Requests – Manage Requests and My Requests. As the Scheduling Manager, you will be checking and approving/rejecting any requests from the first tab.



Employees' requests can be classified into six types: 

1.     Shift Trades. This page (see initial screenshot above) shows which two employees have agreed to swap schedules, and whether the request has been approved, rejected, or is pending for approval.


2.     Drop Shifts. The page shows employee requests to drop shifts.


3.     Shift Pick-Up. The page shows employee requests to pick up dropped or open shifts.



4.     Time-Off. The page shows which employee has requested for time-off, the duration of the leave, inclusive dates, and the reason if given for the request. From this page you can Reject / Approve Time-off requests. Another feature for Editing / Deleting of a Time-off request  is available - when you need to do it, simply click on the respective icon to the right. We also provide the ability to sort the columns by clicking on the data type you wish to sort by and the following filtering options:

- filtering period for "start date of the requested time"

- hiding approved requests and

- hiding rejected requests

The "Conflicts" column shows existing shifts that the employee who is requesting time off is currently scheduled for. If you approve the requested time off, these conflicting shifts will be converted to open shifts.

The "Paid" column will show if this time off request is paid or unpaid. If the request is paid you can see additional details by mousing over the request. By default weekends will be submitted as unpaid days employees may also type in any amount of hours they would like to use for each day. 


5.    Shift Replacements- Shift replacements work like a hybrid of shift trade requests, and drop shift requests. They allow an employee to send a request to one or more employees asking them pickup one of the shifts assigned to the requesting employee. Once a second employee agrees to work the shift offered the request will show here pending manager's approval.


6.  Shift Change Requests- Shift changes allow employees to ask a manager to schedule them for a new shift, or adjust an already scheduled shift's start and end time.


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