Schedule Import

Manager’s time is generally being consumed by manually creating schedules. For that reason NimbleSchedule allows an easy import of CSV or Excel file into the system. Importing a schedule into NimbleSchedule is the easiest and fastest way to bring in employees, schedules and shift times all at once.


1.     From Excel or CSV  file

1.1.  To import already prepared schedule with Excel or CSV file, go to Everyone’s Schedule – Import



1.2.  When you click on Import button, browse the Excel or CSV file and then the following window will open:



1.3.  For each column in your file, select the field it corresponds to in 'Assign to' and press Save.


1.4.  If your file is formatted correctly, data from file should be imported successfully.



1.5.  If something is wrong with formatting and import is unsuccessful, you’ll get an error message similar to this:



2.     CSV / Excel File Requirements:

2.1.  The CSV/Excel file should contain following data:

  • Position Name
  • Department Name (optional)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Shift label (optional)
  • Notes (optional)

The fields in your file do not need to be in this order. If your file contains more columns, than required for the import, you may skip them

Note: If the position, department or employees don’t exist, they will be created automatically.


2.2.  Date and time formats in CSV/Excel file must match with current formats on application 

To check your current Date and Time Settings, please go to My Account - Company Information. 

For example if the time on the application is the 24 hour format then you cannot use the 12 hour format in the CSV/Excel file.


2.3.  CSV/Excel File Example:


  • For Column A (Position) - Assign to Position Name
  • For Column B (Department) - Assign to Department Name
  • For Column C (First Name) - Assign to First Name
  • For Column D (Last Name) - Assign to Last Name
  • For Column E (Date) - Assign to Date
  • For Column F (Start Time) - Assign to Start Time
  • For Column G (End Time) - Assign to End Time



N.B. NimbleSchedule application supports the following date and time formats:

1) For Time:

  • 24 Hours
  • 12 Hours

2) For Date:

  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • dd/mm/yyyy


N.B. Please ensure that in the CSV/Excel file, which you’re using for Schedule import, has the correct date and time formats:




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