The auto-schedule feature allows you to select how many employees you need to fill a shift (or shifts) and the system will then find relevant employees to fill the slots based on their availability.

You can auto-schedule employees through setting an open shift (or shifts) and to use repeating options to auto-schedule employees for a longer period.


1. Auto-scheduling employees for a day.

1.1.     In the schedule tab, click on the “Open Shift” button and select the date and time for the shift.

1.2.     Indicate the number of employees required and select the “Automatically assign” checkbox. Add any notes you wish to add to the shift and click save.

(in our example we have indicated a bigger number of required employees on position Receptionist than existing in the location) 



1.3.     As a result the system finds the relevant employees and fills the slots, according to available employees on that position.

In this example only one employee was automatically assigned, because we don't have more available employees on that position in the location,

the other shifts were converted to open shifts:


2. Auto-scheduling employees for the whole week.

You can use the auto-fill option next to the open shifts to populate all open shifts for the week (on weekly view of Everyone's Schedule):



3. Auto-scheduling employees, using repeating options for shifts and having unavailable employees.

3.1.     When some employee is not available to work, this unavailability time is indicated on schedule in grey:



3.2.     In the schedule tab, click on the Open Shift button and select the date and time for the shift and add repeating options for the shifts (in the below example we used daily repeating, ending after 6 occurrences):



3.3.     As a result the system finds the relevant employees and fills the slots based on their availability. If some of the shifts cannot be assigned to an employee due to his unavailability, the shift is converted to an open shift:



N.B. Note that if you chose not to auto-assign the shift, the wizard will leave the shift as an open shift and employees will be notified of the open slot for later pickup.

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