Scheduling Overview

The Schedules section is central to the main function of NimbleSchedule as an online employee scheduling service.  

Click on the Schedules tab and you’ll find a page similar to the one shown below. 

Note that there are four subsections under the Schedules area: My ScheduleEveryone's SchedulesSchedule Templates, and Everyone’s Availability.



Above schedule table you can find the following features:

  • Who's Available - If you click here, a popup window will be displayed with all available employees for that day 
  • Full screen mode - Schedule will be displayed on Full screen mode
  • Quick Edit - Option for quickly add /edit shifts



Schedules are grouped by EmployeeDepartment, or Position. Clicking on a DayWeekMonth button, will show the work schedules of the employees for that particular period.

Daily and Weekly view will also display any open shifts that can still be picked up or assigned to an available employee.



Published and un-published shifts now show a different background. Published shifts show up with a solid colored background while un-published shifts will show a lined background:

Published vs. Un-published shifts


Above schedule table you can see a label showing the number of published and un-published shifts for the schedule.

 Shift counter




I. My Schedule

On My schedule page you will find your own schedule for that given period as well as the open shifts that you can pick up.

For more information about your schedule and shift requests, please click here.



II. Everyone's Schedules - On this page you can actually create schedules and assign shifts to employees. 

Everyone's Schedules page provides the following options:


1. Publish - Once you create a schedule you have to publish it in order to be visible by the employees. Click on Publish and choose the start and end date for published schedule.

If you check " 



2. Create Shifts

NimbleSchedule provides a new option for creating standard and open shifts. When manager clicks on Create shift, the following screen will be displayed:


To create a standard shift and to assign it to employee(s), manager has to select Position and employee(s) and add Start and End time of the shift.

Repeating option is available too.


To create an open shift, manager has to select Position and add Start and End time of the shift.

Repeating option and automatic assignment are available too:



NB: The other option for creating standard and open shifts is simply click on the time slot you want to create the shift for. For more information please click here.


3. Tools

  • Save as template - When you create a schedule, you are able to save it as a template. The schedule template can be saved with or without the employees.


All created templates are listed in Schedules Templates page and are available for editing.



  •  Apply Template - If you have already created a schedule template, you can apply it for another period (day / week / month) in order to save time for creating same schedule for a specific period.



  • Clear Schedule - If you want to delete all shifts from schedule for the period which is displayed on screen, please click on Clear Schedule in Tools menu



  • Unpublish Schedule - If you want to unpublish schedule for a certain period in order to make changes without notifying employees until you finish with your changes, please click on Unpublish Schedule in Tools menu, select period and press Unpublish button:



  • Copy to next week - This option allows managers to copy schedule from displayed week to next one



  • Shift Batch Update - This option allows managers to update easier shifts for a certain position for a respective date:




4. Filter 

- If you want to see only the shifts for the selected location, please go to Filter button and check the option "Show Only Shifts For Current Location":



- If you want to see all company employees, no matter if they are assigned to positions in selected location - check the option "Show All Employees". When all employees are displayed, you're able to assign them to shifts in current location.

- If you want to see only scheduled employees, please go to Filter button and check the option "Show Only Scheduled Employees"


5. Import - Managers can import schedule by using CSV or Excel file. For more information regarding this option, please click here



6. Export and Print

Managers have the option to export the schedule to PDFCSV or Excel file, or to print it using the Print button:



III. Schedule Templates

All created schedule templates are listed in Schedules Templates page and are available for editing.



IV. Everyone’s Availability

Finally, the Everyone’s Availability screen, as the name implies, will show you the availability of the employees for the day. The employees are grouped by Employee, Department or Position.


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