Creating an Open Shift

For shifts where more than one person is qualified and available, you may opt to create an open shift, allowing any interested personnel to get hold of that extra shift. The Open Shift button is found on the top right of the screen when you open the Schedule, whether Published or not.

Here you can use also the repeating options (Daily, Weekly, every weekday Mon-Fri, every Tue and Thursday, every Mon, wed and Friday).



Fill in the required data, without checking the option Automatically assign and save when done.

You should then find the newly-created open shifts on the edited schedule.



The new feature Automatically Assign allows managers to automatically assign shifts to eligible employees and complete staff schedules within seconds. 

Click on button Open Shift, fill the required date, time range, position, number of needed employees and check the option Automatically assign. In this way shifts are automatically assigned to employees with this position:



If you have set a larger number of employees for the selected position than existing in the location, the shifts for which there are not available employees will become open shifts: 



You can use the auto-fill option next to the open shifts to populate all open shifts for the week (Autoscheduling).


For help regarding autoscheduling, click here.

For help in creating or editing a schedule, click here.

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