Initial Setup Wizard

Once you have activated your registration and you log on for the first time, you have to complete the initial Set-Up Wizard.

The wizard guides you through the process of making the initial settings of your company in NimbleSchedule (if you want you may skip the wizard).


Step 1

 In the first step of the wizard you can view our tutorial on how to setup your account on NimbleSchedule, configure your settings and create a new schedule. If you want, you can skip the video and proceed further.



Step 2

 In the second step of the wizard, you can select if you want to group your schedules and employees by departments.


Select one of the options and click the Next button.


Step 3

In Step 3, you can create employees’ positions:


Add at least one position in order to proceed to next step. Of course, you can add as many positions as you need at a later stage.

Click Next to continue.


Step 4

In this step, create the locations:


Default location is created automatically. If you want, you can change its name.

You can create other locations and at a later stage.


Step 5

In Step 5, you may add employees manually or by importing a CSV file.


After that press "I’m Done!“ button and you will be redirected to your Dashboard.


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