Managing your Account

Configuration of the company information requires admin-level privileges. On the upper right hand portion of the NimbleSchedule screen, you’ll find a link for My Account. Click on the link and you will be taken to the My Account page. Your My Account page gives you an overview of your account. 

From this screen, you can find the links that will allow you to view and edit all information about your company. This is also where you can initiate any changes to your NimbleSchedule account. 
Here’s what you can expect to find when you click on any of the items on the My Account page.

  • Company Information – On this screen you can enter additional data about your company or make changes to the existing information.


  • Billing Information – This page provides you with all the important billing and payment information regarding your account. This is also where you can change your payment option and billing address.




  • Feature Add-ons - You are able to add on extra features to your company's NimbleSchedule plan here. 

  • Price Plans – Within this page you are able to edit your plan and services.


  • Application Integrations- This page is where you can add applications which you want to link with NimbleSchedule. For a detailed write up of each integration please see their own pages Here




Now that you’re acquainted with the main Dashboard and the My Account menu, let’s go to the different sections of the user interface where you get to do the actual functions related to employee scheduling. You can find the links for these features on the tabs right beside the Dashboard tab.


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