Settings Overview

The Settings section is where you set the permissions for the use of NimbleSchedule and define specific guidelines for scheduling. On the left side of the page are the nine different areas where some details may need to be tweaked: Locations, Departments, PositionsTime ClockingClock LocationsSchedules, Employees, Brakes, Holidays and Time Off & Availability.

I.             Locations 

If your company has several branches or outlets to maintain in addition to having numerous employees, the schedule administrator would need to have a good understanding of how the Locations tab works. Basically, this feature allows you to add new locations to your company and make changes to the current data listed under a specific location.

Upon clicking on the Locations tab from the NimbleSchedule application, you should find the following screen:


This page lists down all the business locations you have registered under your account so far, arranged alphabetically.


For help  in adding a new location, click here.

For help in editing details of an existing location, click here

For help in deleting a location, click here.

II.               Departments –

On this page you can create new departments for your company or delete existing ones. You can also change the name of the current departments listed here. If you add employees to a department, the system will automatically update the number of employees as shown on this page.


III.             Positions – 

Here you can create new positions in your company or delete existing ones. You can also change the names of the positions listed here. If assign an employee to a particular position, the system will automatically update the number of employees tagged under such job description.

When a new position is created, the admin is allowed to select a default color for this position. This default color is used when scheduling this position. For example if the default color for position "Boss" is green, when a shift is being created, the color will default to green (of course shift color can be edited if it is needed).



IV.            Time Clocking –

Here you can find the Time Clock Settings for Clock-in and Clock-out of the employees.



V.             Clock Locations –

Allows you to setup individual Locations that can be used for restricting where clocking in and out occurs.

If you set a clock location as “dedicated”, the employees won't see any other view apart from the clock in/out screen when they log into NimbleSchedule.



VI.            Schedules –

Allows you to set guidelines for overnight shifts and overtime rendered, and lay down permissions on what employees may or may not do with regards to schedules and shifts.



VII.            Employees –

This page allows you to set the access privileges of employees in using NimbleSchedule.


VIII.            Breaks 

This section lets you set rules for breaks taken within the shift. For instance, you can set how long a coffee break or lunch break should be. You can also indicate if this is paid or not.



IX.            Holidays 

This section offers you to enter a date for the holidays for each year. These holidays are visible on schedule. Scheduling on a holiday is not allowed.


X.             Time-Off & Availability –

This section offers some policy options on when employees can set future and weekly availability and book time-off.


For each of the above pages, there is a Save button which you need to click to save the settings or the updates that you've made.

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