User Roles

NimbleSchedule has 4 user roles you can assign to users within the system:

Admin: This gives the user full access to the system and should be reserved for the account administrator only. Note that the admin account cannot be removed

Manager: Managers have full access to the locations they have been assigned (see managing locations) and can add employees to their location, approve time off requests and other employee requests such as shift trades. This user role is useful for companies with multiple locations that want to distribute the work load for scheduling

Scheduler: Schedulers  are users that a manager can delegate the work of scheduling to. This user role allows the user to create schedules but cannot view the pay rate for an employee or edit the employee record

Employee: As the name implies, this user role is normally assigned to regular employees. The user can view his or her own schedule, request time off, trades shifts and carry out other schedule related tasks provided these are enabled under the company settings.

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