Employees Overview

The Employees section of the NimbleSchedule interface gives you the complete list of all employees for every location.

Clicking on the Employees tab from the main screen opens up to the following page:


On the left side is a list of all company locations and clicking on one will automatically display the names of all employees for that particular location in alphabetical order. You can opt to have the employees presented in a List view (shown above), where the name, email address and position are given. Clicking on the email address will take you to a New Message window.


You may also toggle to a Grid view of the employees. As shown below, this format displays a picture of the respective employee as well. Clicking on the Send Message link opens up the same New Message window.


Below are listed all features which are available on Employees page (only for managers and admin):

•       Add New Employee – see How to Add a New Employee

•       Invite Employees – see How to Invite Employees

•       Terminate Employees – see How to Terminate an Employee

•       Delete Employees – see How to Delete an Employee

•       Import Availabilities – see How To Import Employees Availability

•       Import Employees  – see How To Import Employees

•       Export Employees list – see How to Export Employees List

•       Power Edit – see How To Use Power Edit Tool



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