How to Edit an Employee Record

To make changes or add details to an employee record, simply click on the name of the employee from the roster on the main Employees screen.


This will open that employee’s profile where you will be able to edit or add the existing information. The options on the left side allow you to choose which aspect you want to make changes to: the employee’s Profile or personal data (including Username and Password), PositionsSchedulingAvailability Preferences and Notification Preferences.



In Positions section managers can modify the employee’s position and pay rate information. One employee can be assigned to more than one location and 

to one or more positions. In order to assign a employee to a particular position, this position has to be created in advance (for help creating a position click here).





Managers can edit / delete employee's positions at a later stage if there is a need. For this purpose you have to click on the respective icon next to the position: 



 In Scheduling section managers can set maximum weekly working time for the employee.


 In the Availability Preferences section users can set employee's weekly unavailability.  

When it is needed, you can delete current time ranges by clicking on the delete icon in the upper right of the time range.


In Notification Preferences section users may set Email and SMS notification preferences:


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