Adding a new Location

1.    To add a new outlet, click on Add a New Location


You can use also the options for import and export of the locations list (see these options under More Actions button)

2.     Fill in the required information when the screen below appears:


If this is your initial use of NimbleSchedule and you are adding the main location of your company, you may want to put a check on the Set as default location box so that the Dashboard will automatically display the statistics for this location. 

If you want to mark a location as inactive, please enable 'Set as inactive location' . This will remove the location from the location dropdown and the positions list


NB. It is important to add a Manager Name if you want manager to receive notifications for approving shift trades (if it the setting Manager to approve shift trades is On)


3.     Additionally you can set the Hours of Operation of the new location.


4.    Once you are done entering the required data, click on Save.



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