Nimbleschedule Accounts Copied to Ximble

"Will my Nimbleschedule data be affected by changes made in my Ximble Account?"
Your company’s data within Nimbleschedule will remain unchanged. As the Ximble copy tool creates a snapshot of your company’s data only once.


"How is my company data sent over? How long does it take?"
When using the "Try it now" tool at the top of your Nimbleschedule page the system will copy a snapshot of all of your account data to Ximble. This process is normally completed within an hour for smaller companies larger companies could take up to 3 hours to complete. An email will be sent to the admin that had started the copy once the account is finished.
If you were not sent an email within 5 hours please ask our support team to check into the copy for your account.


"Will I be charged for the Ximble account?"
You will not be charged for your Ximble account until you are ready to sign up for the system.


"I would like to make my company’s Ximble account the primary account for my company and close my Nimbleschedule account." 
Our account management team would be happy to update those details within our billing system. We will close your Nimbleschedule account and add your billing details to your Ximble account.


"Will my monthly cost change?"
When the account is copied to Ximble the system picks the closest plan possible. Please review the plan the transfer process has selected for your company before signing up. You may review your plan within the My Account area accessed by clicking your portrait at the top right of any page within the Ximble system. Our account management team would be happy to discuss how some plans may have changed.


"Must I sign up for Ximble?"
There are no requirements for NimbleSchedule users to either trial, or transition onto Ximble. We do hope that you will, over time, find Ximble to be what it is intended to be - a better product. We are firmly committed to supporting NimbleSchedule. However, if you, at some point in the future decide to transition to Ximble, we are prepared to provide a comprehensive support and handhold you along the way.

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