Ximble FAQ


What is Ximble?”

Ximble is a product evolution of NimbleSchedule. It's a new and improved multilanguage platform made by the same team and company (Nimble Software Systems, Inc.).


Do I have to use Ximble?”

There are no requirements for NimbleSchedule users to either trial, or transition onto Ximble. We do hope that you will, over time, find Ximble to be what it is intended to be - a better way for any workforce to interact, optimize and function. We are firmly committed to supporting NimbleSchedule in the months to come. However, if you, at some point in the future decide to transition to Ximble, we are prepared to provide a comprehensive support and handhold you along the way.


Why have you launched Ximble?”

We've listened to your feedback and made a new and enhanced platform for your scheduling and time clocking needs. Ximble is meant to be more intuitive, faster and contain more relevant features than NimbleSchedule.


How is Ximble different from NimbleSchedule?”

There are many user experience, functional and performance upgrades built into Ximble. Let us name just a few: Ximble's new mobile apps are designed to be fully functional (i.e. have the same functionality as the browser application); we've incorporated ximbleChat™, industry’s leading team collaboration and communication tool; time tracking is now deployable in more environments with the introduction of geo-fencing; Ximble is also more accurate in preventing “buddy-clocking" with our newly implemented photoClock™.


How long will NimbleSchedule be supported?”

We intend to support NimbleSchedule for as long it is necessary. There is no timeline in place and we will listen very closely to our customers to gauge their interest in switching over to Ximble. 


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