Pay Code Setup

Please ensure Pay Codes have been enabled on your account. If you have not done so as yet please follow this brief guide: Enabling Pay codes

Pay codes within Nimbleschedule allow your team to categorize non working hours into custom groups. If your company is also using our PTO system you will see each PTO policy has it's own Paycode.  

If Pay Codes have been enabled, the "Pay Codes" column will be added to all the timesheet records, an additional tab will also be illustrated within the “Time Clock” submenu allowing you to add or edit Pay Codes, which will be labeled as the “Custom” type. 


All the new time clock entries, as well as the ones created before this feature was enabled, will be assigned with the “Standard” label in the pay code column. The “Standard” label refers to any work hours, which may be separated on the payroll report into Regular, Overtime and Double time hours. 

In addition to the “Standard” hours, you may assign custom Pay codes to any timesheet.

Such pay code hours will be separated on the Payroll report and will not be counted toward overtime. 

Please note our integrations currently do not support the export of custom Pay code hours unless stated within the integration's support article. 

If you will be exporting your payroll by CSV you may select the " Hours Type " under the Payroll Settings CSV page to allow the CSV export to contain the pay codes within it's own column. 


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